Black box
What's Inside

Mysterious ‘NANOPASSES’ have been smuggled into our world by Agents #0 and #1... Once a week, these passes are able to breach the network and plunder data fragments from within.By pure chance, an anonymous engineer cracked their code and developed 5,555 passes.These data fragments are called [BLACK BOXES]. They could contain a dazzling array of valuable items... but only if you're fortunate enough to lay your hands on one that is uncorrupted.

Black box background

The Positive Feedback Loop
How does it work

The Positive Feedback Loop

Post mint, multiple functions will synergize to create a positive feedback loop which works to keep holders invested and maintain a high level of demand for NANOPASSES.[BLACK BOXES] are the centrepiece to the loop, they will act as the place where value is continuously generated and compounded. Here's how it works.